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We are a women owned bookkeeping, accounting, coaching and advisory firm educating our team on how to build strong foundations.  We partner with organizations whose main mission is to improve the well-being of people; mentally, physically, and financially.

With over 25 years of accounting and auditing experience and serviced over 500+ organizations, we service/support agricultural, manufacturing, and retail organizations including cannabis.

Our salute is the 'W' and there is power in those 3 fingers.  We focus on inspiring, empowering, and educating women on the value of money.



  • Coalition of strong, supportive women who seek to empower and educate other likeminded individuals, especially women.

  • Build long term relationships with our employees, customers, and service partners by continuous communication, collaboration, and commitment.

  • Educate the value of money.

  • Constantly evolving personally and professionally by seeking and sharing knowledge and building our network and net worth.


  • Trendsetters paving the way on how to properly conduct business. 

  • In our field, we are leaders in empowering and educating all walks of life, especially women. 

  • To be the best version of ourselves individually and collectively.  We’re leading the process of empowering and training women to be financially successful.  

  • The words ‘Simply J’ will represent empowerment, humility, inspiration, and foundation. 

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