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Data is clearly leading the way in this realm (i.e. personalization). A collection of information generating a connection... to you.

Things are no longer one size fits most. There is not one way of doing things. Each individual and organization is different and requires different needs and guidance. Each has a different preference. Each journeys is unique. It is simply amazing, and we love variation.

We work in a similar fashion. We are data collectors. We collect various information via interviews, discussions, storytelling, and Q&A. We are learning about our clients. Once information is collected, then we collaborate on what history has told us, what opportunities are available, and what are our strategies. By the way, this is what is referred to as 'bookkeeping' if done well.

We are blessed to choose our clients, and they choose us. Our missions align and we develop a connection. We hope you find uniqueness in your day, work, and life. And when you find it, then we hope you appreciate it.

Keep going.

#blessedwithapurpose #rockstarbookkeepers #datagatherers

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